Case Study:
Insurer Negotiation

Project Overview

Client: Property Investment Company

Size: 250sqm (2,690sqft)

Location: Yorkshire

Services: Insurance Reinstatement Cost Negotiation

Sector: Commercial and Industrial

Value: Insurance payout increased by over 30%

Project Requirement

Following a fire at a pub, the owner made a claim on the insurance. The insurers responded by stating the building was under insured. The insurer’s loss adjuster was of the opinion the property was insured for just 40% of what it should have been covered for. The insurers offered 40% of the cover, amounting to less than £60,000.

Dabinett entered into negotiations with the loss adjuster and their surveyors. The crux was arguing the sum insured was not as low as suggested. It was low though, but there was scope to argue it was closer than being proposed.

Simply applying average costs per square metre wasn’t appropriate and the cost returned was too high. Therefore detailed element by element costs was completed, with several hundred lines of costs and descriptions of work.

Project Outcome

After several months of negotiations, with a variety of drafts of costs and clarifications, a settlement was reached. The initial payout of circa £60,000 was increased to over £80,000.

It was accepted the building had been insured for less than it should have been, but the margin between the realistic rebuild cost and the insured sum was closer than first thought.

The job reinforced the need to be sure properties are insured for the correct sum. However, it also confirmed there was the scope to negotiate with an insurer and insurers are flexible and will, when faced with a strong argument, change their minds.

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments at Dabinett

Dabinett has experience in assessing the cost of rebuilding properties including large office buildings, small retail premises, houses and industrial buildings. We understand the importance of ensuring buildings are insured appropriately and are familiar with factors affecting a cost assessment such as confined sites, difficult access and special design considerations.

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