Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments

A reinstatement cost assessment is a process of calculating how much it would cost to rebuild a property in the event of a total loss. This cost includes demolition, professional fees, planning and building control as well as the building work itself. The reinstatement cost can vary from one site to another depending upon the physical conditions.

Being under insured may result in a claim not being paid in full. Conversely, if the value insured is too high then you may be paying a premium much higher than necessary.

Dabinett has experience in assessing the cost to rebuild properties including large office buildings, small retail premises, houses and industrial buildings.

Taking into account confined sites, difficult access and special design considerations (Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, etc) are factors we are familiar with and will be reflected in the cost assessments.

With regular changes in Building Regulations, the costs for rebuilding can significantly increase annually, as with inflation, potentially leaving you underinsured.

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