Building Repair and Maintenance

For many businesses the single largest asset they have is property, for others the single biggest liability they have is property. Repairing and maintaining a property is crucial, this will help the property retain its value and if the property is leasehold it will ensure you comply with your obligations as a landlord or tenant.

We have undertaken works on behalf of landlords and tenants, ensuring they comply with their lease obligations and for building owners occupying their own property. Our experience has seen our surveyors work on many of the largest and most complex property portfolios on buildings. Many properties have had to remain operational with staff and public on-site and have many specific issues such as Listed Building Consent requirements, Trades Union liaison and time and budget constraints.

Dabinett’s approach to building repair and maintenance

There are a wide variety of options for the repair and maintaining a building and for each element to repair there are numerous products and technical solutions. Having independent and experienced advice as to the best solution whilst considering budgets and timescales is crucial. Under recent amendments to the Building Regulations, repairs can require the upgrade of elements in line with current regulations. Failure to ensure compliance runs the risk of having to scrap works and suffer the time and cost consequences of starting again. The necessity to upgrade is not always clear cut, our knowledge of the Building Regulations allow us to ensure funds are directed most effectively and know where dangers lie.

Pivotal to specifying appropriate repairs is the ability to accurately ascertain the defects and future problems. As Commercial Building Surveyors we are experts in the field of diagnosing defects and specifying the most appropriate remedial work. We have a number of approved contractors who specialise in different fields, can competitively tender and have excellent health and safety standards. We can also vet new contractors to ascertain their suitability.

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