Party Wall Surveyors

At Dabinett, we have experience in completing party wall surveys for building owners carrying out works and for neighbours being affected by work.

The Party Wall etc Act puts in place a number of specific requirements for work being done to Party Walls, whether part of a structure or a boundary and excavations close to neighbouring property. The Act stipulates specific legal notices which must be served prior to commencing works and if disputes arise then specific means to resolve the problems.

Our aim is to be pragmatic and look to resolve a party wall dispute as speedily as possible whilst ensuring the works are technically acceptable and do not damage property.

There are numerous instances in which incorrect notices have been issued as there is a lack of technical knowledge of the Act or consideration of the site. Multiple notices are often issued as a ‘cover all’ approach, but this leads to higher initial costs for preparing documents and much higher costs and time delays if a dispute arises.

Dabinett’s approach to Party Wall Surveys

Our in-depth knowledge of the Party Wall etc Act, it’s mechanisms and intentions, allow us to provide reliable advice which has the best intentions of the parties in mind and considers the economic impact of the process. Our surveyors have acted on a range of projects from mixed-use developments, industrial sites, railways and private houses.

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