Stock Condition Surveys

Completing a stock condition survey of a large number of properties is crucial often for budgeting purposes or simply for ascertaining the condition to understand the standards provided by the accommodation. Dabinett has experience with inspecting high volumes of properties in short periods, utilising an experienced team of Chartered Surveyors.

Dabinett has carried inspections for Housing in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) requiring assessment under the Housing Health and Safety Rating Scheme (HHSRS) which forms part of the requirements of the Housing Act 2004. Such surveys require detailed assessment of stock to ascertain the safety and standards of accommodation for occupants.

Dabinett’s approach to stock condition surveys

Stock condition surveys have also been carried out for stock within the control of authorities, this is often more consideration of physical condition so as to ascertain what works are needed immediately and varying stages in the future to build-up budgets for future expenditure.

If you are a client who has housing stock or other building stock which requires inspections over a short period of time, Dabinett can tailor reports to specific needs, such as in the public & education sector, and can quickly and efficiently inspect and report back.

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