CDM Consultancy & Monitoring

The CDM Regulations 2015 require the appointment of a Principal Designer. Dabinett has many years of experience under the current and previous Regulations in delivering and monitoring projects to meet regulatory requirements.

When the first Construction (Design and Management) Regulations were brought in 1995 our surveyors acted as Planning Supervisors, then in 2007 the Regulations altered creating the role of a CDM Co-ordinator. The most recent incarnation of the Regulations has seen the adoption of a Principal Designer role in place of the CDM Co-ordinator.

The CDM Regulations seek to make construction projects safer. The 2015 Regulations widened the scope to encompass many smaller-scale residential projects, as a disproportionate number of incidents occurred in residential settings.

Commercial clients need to be aware of the Regulations to ensure their compliance. This includes ensuring that the consultants and contractors employed have sufficient experience and capabilities to undertake a project and for ensuring risks on individual sites and designs are managed and proper processes are in place to manage changes to designs.

Certain projects, those with more than 20 workers on-site at the same time or within excess of 500 person-days of work, require notification to the Health & Safety Executive.

Dabinett’s approach to CDM Services

Dabinett is fully versed with the Regulations and act as CDM consultants on in-house projects. We also work with developers to ensure they are meeting the legal requirements by monitoring projects and ensuring they are safely planned and implemented, and any legacy risks appropriately dealt with.

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