Dilapidation Surveys

Posted: Monday October 16, 2017

Whether for small shops or large industrial and offices buildings, leases between landlords and tenants impose obligations on each party for the repair, maintenance and decoration of the property.

At the end of a lease, a landlord will usually plan for a dilapidation survey to take place. This report will list each breach of the lease, in respect to leaving the property in disrepair (damaged roof), undecorated or not in compliance with current legal requirements. The actual wording of the lease can influence the size of the claim dramatically.

At Dabinett, we have experience with claims ranging from £10,000 to several million pounds. We have put together schedules on behalf of landlords and have defended large claims on behalf of tenants. Often large savings can be made by a tenant in the event of a claim, providing that the professional advice of a chartered building surveyor is given.

We can prepare dilapidation surveys for landlords and negotiate a settlement with the tenant and their surveyors. On behalf of the tenant, we can advise upon strategies to minimise claims, response to claims and negotiate a settlement with the landlord’s surveyors.

Interim schedules of dilapidations can be produced during the term. They may be served by a landlord or tenant, seeking to ensure the other party complies with the lease. As a tenant, this may manifest in a landlord not maintaining common parts, external areas or the structure. As a landlord, there may be a tenant who is not keeping a property in repair, which could affect the long term value of the property.

Dilapidations claims can be reduced by having schedules of condition completed prior to the lease, so as to limit the liability. If you are a landlord or a tenant in need of a dilapidation survey, we can help to ensure you are not disadvantaged.

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