A selection of news stories from Dabinett and technical pieces on the construction and property industries.

What is a RICS Valuer? A Guide from Dabinett Surveyors

When navigating the complexities of the real estate market, having an accurate property valuation is essential. Whether

How Expert Witnesses Can Make a Difference in Property Litigation

In property litigation, the complexities can be daunting. Disputes over boundaries, valuations, or structural integrity often require

A Guide to Choosing a Chartered Surveyor

When it comes to property-related decisions, having the right expertise on your side is paramount. This is

The Tenant's Guide to Break Clauses

A break clause is a get-out for a tenant to end a lease term early.  In a

The Crucial Role of Chartered Surveyors in Due Diligence

In the dynamic realm of real estate and property transactions, due diligence plays a pivotal role in

What Is Involved In A Commercial Dilapidation Survey?

Commercial dilapidation surveys are crucial in the construction and property management industries. They are essential for assessing

A Tenant's Guide to Repair Clauses

It is almost universal to find a repair clause within any commercial lease.  The obligations and standards

The Tenant's Guide to Decoration Clauses

It is a common responsibility for a commercial tenant to decorate the leased premises.  It is just

The Tenant's Guides to Leases

Whether we are acting on behalf of the landlord or tenant, we often find that the Tenant