Building Conversion & Refurbishment UK

Buying or leasing a property in need of conversion or refurbishment can, if costs are properly controlled, save significant sums or offer good opportunities to make good profits. We can advise on the cost and time needed for conversion or refurbishment.

Buildings use changes over time, this can involve a complete change of use or simply changes due to modernisation or practices. Over the last 10 years, office use has dramatically changed with less reliance on paper filing and more focus on IT storage. Accommodating changes can allow for a much more effective and cost-efficient use of space. We can help business or property owners refurbish or convert buildings to make them more usable, more marketable to tenants or simply upgrade them to current standards.

If a new property is to be acquired then conversion or refurbishment can lead to significant savings. For investors, we can build budget costs for works and select the most appropriate works. From the feasibility and budget costs, a full package of designs and specifications can be produced, competitively tendered and carried out. For a client looking to occupy premises themselves, we can advise on best practice, legal and regulatory requirements and consider specifically how they use the property.

Dabinett’s approach to the refurbishment and conversion of commercial properties

Dabinett’s surveyors have a great deal of experience in the refurbishment and conversion of, retail, commercial and industrial buildings. We can specify works which can meet a client’s budget, time and quality requirements and comply with all legal requirements. Crucially with our experience and knowledge, we can consider the future maintenance of the property and how the user may change in the future. In addition, our knowledge and ability allow us to put together schemes and tender the schemes so cost savings can be made and the maximum value achieved.

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