Construction Project Management

Our surveyors have experience in designing large construction projects and building project management as well as contract administration. We have an established record of delivering high-quality building projects on time and to budget for a range of businesses from individual traders to large companies. Projects range in size and value from small scale technical repair projects to large scale (£1m+) refurbishments. We have managed commercial projects on office, retail, industrial and telecommunication buildings.

Through the experience of numerous building projects and different client requirements, we have used all the standard contract forms and are able to advise as to the best contract to suit specific projects. The choice of a contract is an often overlooked aspect which is fundamental to ensuring a project is delivered on time, to budget and to a suitable standard. Understanding how the contract works are important to ensure the client is not exposed to suffering any loss or become entangled in lengthy disputes.

Dabinett’s approach to building project management

For any size of the construction project, we can offer advice as to how best to execute it and how best to control the process. All factors can be taken into account and often incorporate and draw on our knowledge in other fields. With a broad range of experience, we are able to foresee problems and prevent their impact on delivery.

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