CDM Services for Commercial Construction Projects

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) demand proper management of large commercial construction projects. These encompass repair and maintenance projects, internal refurbishments and new build construction. The Regulations apply to build projects of all sizes, including small residential works.

These Regulations are intended to make construction projects safer.  This is achieved from the outset of first conceiving a project, through construction and ultimately considering the demolition of a building. Good health and safety planning will also help ensure projects are well managed and unexpected costs and problems are minimised.

CDM 2015 requires a client to select competent designers and contractors, so works are designed and constructed safely. The Regulations require the appointment of a Principal Designer to oversee the design of building projects and the selection of suitable contractors.

Dabinett’s approach to CDM regulations

Projects which will have more than 20 workers on-site at any one time or a project with more than 500 person-days of work must be notified to the Health & Safety Executive, using an F10 Notification. This Notification registers the project with the HSE. Failure to issue an F10 when required is a breach of the Regulations.

We are Registered Members of the Association for Project Safety, which is the professional body for Principal Designers and has been members for over 10 years. We can assist in the safe planning of your construction project and ensure that your legal liabilities under CDM 2015 are met.

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