Commercial Property Surveyancing Services

Property acquisition is one of the most significant costs for many companies and investors. The acquisition may be for the client to occupy on a freehold basis, leasehold or as an investment. Understanding the condition of the property and the potential costs in the future is crucial. Without a good commercial building survey, there is potential for defects to be left unchecked and for these defects to have serious financial or health and safety consequences in the future.

Property defects can render a property valueless and investment in a bad property can cripple organisations and have severe impacts in respect to due diligence requirements of a business operation.

With our experience in a wide range of commercial services, we are able to give informed advice on the impact of defects, the future maintenance, regulatory requirements and leasehold implications. This provides a distinct advantage to the client and something many practices are unable to offer.

Dabinett’s approach to a commercial property surveys

Pivotal to specifying appropriate repairs is the ability to accurately ascertain the defects and future problems. As commercial building surveyors, we are experts in the field of diagnosing defects and specifying the most appropriate remedial work. We have a number of approved contractors who specialise in different fields, can competitively tender and have excellent health and safety standards. We can also vet new contractors to ascertain their suitability.

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