Independent Monitoring Surveyors in Manchester

Our experienced monitoring surveyors have a proven track record in both monitoring projects on behalf of funders and assisting clients, such as banks, in their own developments from inception to completion

As monitoring surveyor, we work on projects for lenders on commercial and residential developments, safeguarding their financial commitment. We also design our own schemes from initial concept to turnkey.

Project instructions vary from commercial developments for retail, banks and mixed-use to small executive housing developments. Values typically range from £500,000 to £5million. We undertake due diligence reports to appraise projects before funding is committed and then carry out subsequent interim reports for drawdown applications.

What can our monitoring surveyors do for you?

On behalf of clients, our monitoring surveyors undertake design and project management, schemes include small new build residential sites to larger refurbishment developments with a change of use aspects.

As Principal Designers, we undertake lead consultancy work under the CDM 2015 Regulations.

To ensure a mortgage can be obtained we monitor and certify the standard of workmanship at various stages throughout construction. This facilitates a Professional Consultants Certificate to be presented to the lender.

Should you require our services, our experienced monitoring surveyors can help. Call our friendly team on 0161 292 7085.

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