Planned Maintenance For Commercial buildings

Posted: Monday October 16, 2017

Buildings deteriorate over time and it is necessary to maintain and repair them. At Dabinett, we are qualified and experienced to produce maintenance programmes for commercial buildings for the short, medium and long term. Planned maintenance of buildings will aid in retaining the value, assist in compliance with health and safety requirements and avoid disruption to business operations.

Planning works in advance can allow you to understand the financial costs of the property and provide additional information for financial planning and business development. Programmes are based on 12 month periods and can show annual spends, these being tailored to maximise economies of scale for the best value for money.

Key to good planning is a professional understanding of the life expectancy of the elements of a building, common defects and the cost of works. At Dabinett, our surveyors have produced numerous reports on properties ascertaining the condition, life expectancy and the costs for future repair or replacement.

Planned maintenance programmes are of particular importance to landlords who have repairing obligations and need to budget for repair works as part of service charge accounting. All too often repairs are undertaken by a landlord on a reactive basis and if these are not considered in the context of when tenancies end the landlord is often liable for significant costs.

If you own properties maintaining value is important, we can deliver plans to prevent loss of value through degradation. If you have legal or contractual agreements to maintain property then a planned maintenance programme will be of great benefit and will save money in the future.

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