Professional & Architects Certificates

Many mortgage lenders will want reassurance new build properties or conversions have been built to a good standard. Developers building new houses or converting properties should consider commissioning a Professional Certificate. Also known as Architects Certificates or Council of Mortgage Lender Certificates these certify the development has been monitored and signed off by a professional.

Dabinett will inspect the development at critical stages, to sign off the quality of work and to make records. At the end of the project, a Professional Certificate is provided, confirming the work has been carried out to a suitable standard and that a mortgage lender can lend base upon the standards reached.

The Professional Certificate is in a form developed by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. The certificate is most useful for smaller developments where the project may be project managed by the client, or a builder who is not NHBC certified is not completing the works.

Why should you obtain a professional certificate?

Professional Certificates are a cost-effective means of signing off works to ensure that at the end of works a buyer will be able to get a mortgage for a property.

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