Due Diligence Surveys For Education Properties

As part of our due diligence work, we carry out expert surveys to ensure a client is fully briefed on the liabilities of taking on property both with respect to current and ongoing maintenance and having regard to legal statutory requirements.

In recent years Dabinett has undertaken numerous inspections on behalf of schools converting to Academies, this runs parallel with the usual due diligence service undertaken for acquisitions of commercial properties. Surveys consider the physical construction of the building, defects present and maintenance requirements which will be required in the future in order to maintain the building in good order both aesthetically, physically and from a health and safety perspective. In addition, the surveys incorporate assessments of accessibility, considering the Equality Act (formerly under the scope of the Disability Discrimination Act). Planned maintenance schedules for buildings are put together which can be for any duration whether that is 5 years up to 50 years.

Dabinett’s approach to due diligence

For the clients, the reports demonstrate that they have provided due consideration to the maintenance requirements of the building and fully understand position when the building is taken on. The worst-case scenarios would be the building is taken on which then presents significant repair liabilities or health and safety liabilities which have not been accounted for nor budgeted.

Reports can be tailored to take into account specific requirements for clients, whether this is an expansion of sites in the future or the need to move on from a site after a period of time.

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