Business Park Dilapidations

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Dabinett recently brought to conclusion dilapidations negotiations on behalf of the tenant, saving over 60% on the original claim.

The original schedule of dilapidations claim was for approximately £75,000.  Items related both externally and internally to a large open plan warehouse building. The claim was reduced on the grounds of technical deficiencies in the claim both legally and from construction perspectives.

The negotiation had been prolonged, taking several months to come to an amicable conclusion.

A significant aspect of the claim was the decoration of the warehouse floor.  At the outset of the lease, the decorations were deteriorated. Significant savings were made through successful negotiation minimise this based on case law arguments.

The result was positive as there were items not included which arguably could have been included by the landlord.

The tenant had time to undertake some works and a priority list of works was selected.  Allowing for the lowest expense and maximum savings.

Should you need any help with negotiating a schedule of dilapidations, contact our friendly team today.

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