Nipping disrepair in the bud

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Exposed rotten timber floor joists

Too often serious and expensive items of disrepair can be traced back to seemingly trivial defects. This is often the case where building maintenance is seen as an unnnecessary overhead. This can also be seen with the avoidance of incurring professional fees.

Staining to plasterboard ceiling
View of the staining to the ceiling of the ground floor unit below the shower

In the case above, a minor leak from a shower outlet was undetected for several months. Works were carried out to seal the shower tray perimeter and the defect was forgotten about, but visually something appeared to have been done. When it was discovered the staining to the unit below was worsening Dabinett was asked to inspect.

Leaking shower trap
From a minor leak from a shower outlet to the necessity to replace parts of the structure.

The leaking shower trap had allowed water to seep in below the vinyl flooring of the shower room. The vinyl flooring had prevented the moisture from drying easily and created near perfect conditions for timber decay. The decay was a

Replacement joist ends
View of repaired joist ends.

Regularly a simple repair will be difficult, the leaking shower trap being a good example. Space is restricted below the shower tray, making repair awkward. If the repair isn’t checked and confirmed as successful then there is a risk of continued problems. It may need better access to be obtained and lifting the tray may be needed. It is the concern of the additional cost, together with misplaced optimism, that results in an unsatisfactory job.

Avoiding the Expense

Advising on options for repair and planning mainteance is a daily occupation for Dabinett, from minor defects to large scale structural works. The process of advising on repairs needed can start from prior to purchasing the building, with experienced technical advice being given at as part of due diligence building surveys.

It is often the case that the cause of a defect can’t be immediately be found. However, experience and logic will often suffice to narrow down the possibilities and a plan can be set.

Disrepair in Housing

The disrepair of properties is currently scrutinised and there is a groundswell of public opinion on the condition of, particularly, private rented accommodation. The need for landlords to actually carry out meaningful works to rectify problems, rather than aesthetic sticking plaster repairs is vital.

Due Diligence Surveys at Dabinett

As experts in commercial and residential building surveys, we have extensive experience in the field of diagnosing defects and specifying the most appropriate remedial work. We have a number of approved contractors who specialise in different fields, can competitively tender and have excellent health and safety standards. We can also vet new contractors to ascertain their suitability.

If you require our services, please contact our friendly team online today or call us on 0161 292 7085.

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