Schedules of Condition and Cut Edge Corrosion

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A schedule of condition for a new lease of a factory in Huddersfield has just been completed.

The schedule covered all parts of the building and flagged up numerous areas of disrepair.

The building was a steel portal frame, with profiled metal roofs. Cut edge corrosion was found to the profiled metal roof. The identification of this and omission from the repair liabilities will represent a significant saving to the client.

Cut Edge Corrosion Around Flue schedule of condition cut edge corrosion






Cut edge corrosion is common in profiled metal roofs. An industry has built up for the treatment, with specialist products and contractors. The rusting occurs at the cut edges of the roof sheets, where factory coatings do no provide full cover to the underlying metal. This allows corrosion of the edges, as this develops the coatings lift. The result is the gradual receding of the coatings from the cut edges and the advance of rust.

Where the problem is left untreated it can eventually lead to the metal sheets rusting through. This is rare and typically remedial works can be completed easily.

The remedial work is simple and guarantees can be provided, something a landlord would be keen to see. Whilst the remedial works are relatively low cost the necessary access provisions and scaffold will increase the costs.

Aside from the cut edge corrosion, rust can appear across the roof sheets away from edges.  This is usually because of mechanical damage. This can be caused by operatives accessing the roof for maintenance, or be a result clumsy handling of materials at construction.

At the end of the lease, the schedule of condition will be invaluable. Pre-existing damage will be omitted from a claim against the tenant. The savings can often be multiples of the annual rent.  Without such protection, companies can expose themselves to significant financial risks.

The key to preparing a good schedule of condition is understanding the dilapidations process. Dabinett has lots of experience in dilapidations, using this to produce detail schedules of condition for maximum protection of clients.

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