What do surveyors look for during a house survey?

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Surveyors are indispensable professionals in the building and construction industry. They are involved in buying land, planning and monitoring the construction and demolition of a building. Whether a residential or commercial property, chartered surveyors will undertake a mandate and ensure they help you make decisions about a property. The type of survey that you request determines the tasks the surveyor undertakes. We offer condition reports, homebuyer reports and building surveys.

What is a building survey?

A comprehensive report is recommended when purchasing an old or large property and when you need major renovations. A Dabinett surveyor analyses a property’s condition and reports on defects, repairs and maintenance. We recommend it for:

  • Listed buildings
  • Properties that are over thirty years old
  • Property altered in the past
  • Properties you plan to make significant structural changes to

What they examine

Our RICS accredited surveyors are subject matter experts and will, therefore, recommend other specialists such as structural engineers, electricians and plumbers. The following is what a building survey entails:

History of the building

Dabinett surveyors undertake research to know when the building was built, renovations undertaken and any building irregularities. They will get data on the building materials and other relevant technical information. This information helps in assessing the integrity of the house.

Roof and loft

We inspect the roof by checking on the covering and the gutters. Our surveyors look if the roof is letting in water in the loft. They assess the signs of wood-boring insects, visible electrical wiring problems, firewall state, problems with the storage tank and how much insulation is present. They will advise on how much storage space is present and if the loft is convertible.


Our experienced personnel will check structural and non-structural walls to see how straight they are and if there is evidence of subsidence. They will look out for incorrect pointing that is known to cause irreparable damage and prevent water penetration through the joints. They will check all the walls for any moisture presence, timber rot, beetle attack and available ventilation.

Presence of hazardous materials and pests

In the UK, asbestos is a prohibited substance and buildings with asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) need to see a specialist. We will give you recommendations as we visually assess rats, woodworm or mice infestation.

Doors and windows

Residential building surveys Manchester are keen to check for damaged timber and cracks by opening doors, cupboards and windows.

Central heating system and electrical installation

Even though you will deal with one lead surveyor in the entire project, our surveyors will give general advice but recommend specialists for complex heating systems. They will assess the fusebox and request specialist tests if there is no earth bonding, lack of certifications and if there are additions.

Plumbing and the garden

Surveyors only perform a visual assessment of the installation and operational check of pipes, water supply and taps. We look for corrosion, signs of generally poor condition and leaks. In the garden, the surveyor inspects water drainage and the presence of large trees.

Our knowledgeable personnel puts into consideration the surrounding of a property. They note the presence of roads and train tracks and the distance to the nearest houses.

What are the benefits of using chartered building surveyors in Manchester?

Engaging professionals with experience in residential building surveys not only gives you peace of mind but has several benefits:

  • Save you money on future repair costs
  • Surveyors can identify structural issues that are not apparent
  • It may be a condition of getting a mortgage
  • Advise on maintenance and repair of a structure
  • Assess the damage, especially for legal and insurance purposes
  • Advise on energy efficiency
  • Help in negotiating especially during purchases

After a building survey clients get a condition rating depending on whether there are issues. We endeavour to give you true value for money by offering appropriate professional advice. Contact Dabinnet Chartered Surveyors today for any residential building surveys.

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