Case Study:
Dilapidations, refurbishment, new look and EPC boost

Project Overview

Preparation of a schedule of dilapidations for three office buildings, the negotiation of a cash settlement and the subsequent design and project management of the refurbishment of the buildings.

Project Requirement

The landlord wished Dabinett to assess end of lease liabilities and reach cash settlements for damages.  On settlement the landlord wanted to refurbish the building and improve the energy efficiency rating.  The refurbishment was to imrpove the standard to make it more desireable for prospective tenants.

The office space had been a standard ceiling tile with inset lights, but the construction lent itself to exposing the structure and making the most of high ceilings.  With exposing services there was an aesthetic bonus, but this allowed for faster work and improved flexibility to access services for future occupiers.

Lighting was improved to meet the current recommendations of the CIBSE LG7.

Project Outcome

Three tenants vacated the properties and the landlord wanted the best commercial result from negotations to help fund refurbishment of the buildings to a high standard.  Good cash settlements were achieved, in excess of initial expectations and went to help fund a significant rerfurbishment.

The original Energy Performance Certification (EPC) rating was ‘C’, this was improved to ‘A’ using a variety of technologies and design choices.  The client was keen to see the buildings improved, providing a clear example of making the most of older buildings and the inherent energy that had already been expended in construction.

From before the lease end Dabinett took control of the dilapidations and lead the project managment to a successful completion, on time and within budget.


Dilapidation Surveys by Dabinett

At Dabinett we can prepare dilapidation surveys for landlords as well as working to negotiate a settlement with the tenant and their surveyors. We have put together schedules on behalf of landlords and have defended large claims on behalf of tenants.

If you are a landlord or a tenant in need of a dilapidation survey, we can help to ensure you are not disadvantaged. Contact us today to get started!



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