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A Tenant’s Guide to Repair Clauses

It is almost universal to find a repair clause within any commercial lease.  The obligations and standards can vary significantly.  There are some quite common types of clause and tenants are often ill prepared. Below we consider: Who is responsible for the repair of a building; What needs to be done; When this needs to… Read more »

The Tenant’s Guide to Decoration Clauses

It is a common responsibility for a commercial tenant to decorate the leased premises.  It is just as common for it to be misunderstood.  This article is intended to discuss some differing aspects of the typical decoration clause of commercial leases and where common misconceptions and the errors are made.  In the article we will… Read more »

Tenants’ Guides to Leases

Whether we are acting on behalf of the landlord or tenant, we often find that the Tenant has not realised the implications of the lease until it is too late. We have put together a series of guides to discuss some of the aspects which a tenant should be well-versed in.  The guides are not… Read more »